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Airport Parking

airport parking

Parking spaces

There are two car parking areas at Port Macquarie Airport:

  • The public car park (175 spaces) is conveniently located directly in front of the passenger terminal building.  The car park is available for short and long term parking.
  • The car park located off Tuffins Lane is for rental cars and staff vehicles only.  This car park is not available for general public parking.

Passenger drop off / pick up

If you wish to farewell passengers and accompany them into the terminal building, please take advantage of the public car parking facilities.  You are permitted to drop off passengers and accompanying baggage at the terminal kerbside layby. However, due to Aviation Security requirements you must not leave your vehicle unattended at any time. Attended vehicles can only remain in the drop off area for a maximum of two minutes while unloading passengers.

Parking outside the Terminal Building is not permitted at any time.

You may pick up passengers waiting for you at the terminal kerbside layby only if all your passengers are kerbside ready to depart with their luggage.  You are not permitted to use the taxi shuttle bus zones located in front of the baggage claim area.

Short & long term parking

The Airport car park is a pay parking area.  Free parking is provided for the first 30 minutes to allow for dropping off and picking up of passengers at the terminal building.  After 30 minutes the following parking fees apply:

Airport Parking Fees (effective 4 September 2019)

 Duration                                                                         Fees (inc GST)               
  0-30 mins  FREE
  30-60 mins  $3
  1-2 hrs  $6
  2-3 hrs  $9
  3-4 hrs  $12
  4+ to 24 hours  $15
  Full Day (4+ to 24 hours)  $15
  2 days  $30
  3 days  $45
  4 days  $55
  5 days  $65
  6 days  $75
  7 days  $85
  Greater than 7 days Capped at $5.00 per 24 hour period thereafter
  Lost Ticket  $60

Payment Options

Payment can be made by either cash or credit card at the pay station located at the passenger terminal building near the baggage claim area.

If paying by cash, please pay at the pay station before returning to your vehicle.  If you require a receipt, push the “Receipt” button before removing your ticket from the pay station.

Payment can also be made by credit card only at the exit terminal (2.5% Charge applies to payments made by credit card).

Ticketless parking is also available by inserting your credit card at the entry terminal - your credit card then becomes your ticket.  To pay and exit the car park, insert the same credit card at the exit terminal, where the required payment will be calculated and deducted from your credit card.

Please follow instructions on screen when making payment.

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