Airport Business and Technology Park


In September 2020, land use planning (rezoning) approval was obtained for the future 23.75 hectare Port Macquarie Airport Business and Technology Park located to the east of the Airport, as shown below.  The land use planning approval relied on the Airport and Surrounding Lands NSW State Government Biodiversity Certification Agreement achieved in 2018 - Airport Environment.

The Airport Business Park was identified as a strategic priority in the 2010 Airport Master Plan to provide opportunity for commercial property development to promote employment opportunities, facilitate economic development, and support the long-term financial viability and sustainability of the Airport.  This initiative is consistent with the North Coast Regional Plan 2036 and the Port Macquarie Urban Growth Management Strategy 2017-2036. 

The business park represents a key component of the Airport’s non-aeronautical commercial property development strategy, while also contributing to the supply of important employment lands and the future economic development potential of the region, that builds on the role of the Airport as a regional hub and significant Gateway to Port Macquarie.  The desired future character of the Airport Business and Technology Park is a distinctive and prestigious hi-tech Gateway to Port Macquarie, with strong and seamless links to the Health and Education Precinct and Central Business District. The Precinct will contain a mix of aviation-related, high technology, and campus style business park development, supported by new infrastructure including, new roads, accessible public transport, pedestrian and cycleway connections, open space, and high-speed telecommunications.


Indicative design envisaged for the Airport Business and Technology Park

Further details on the proposed development is contained in Council development Control Plan Port Macquarie-Hastings Development Control Plan 2013(PDF, 50MB)