Fees & Charges


For Port Macquarie Airport, please refer to our 2023/24 Fees and Charges(PDF, 5MB).

General Aviation Fees and Charges

Avdata Australia manage our aircraft movement data and invoicing of weight-based landing fees.  Avdata employ industry standards and manage movement data for over 160 airports across Australia (refer to www.avdata.com.au).  

Port Macquarie Airport offers local operators a discounted annual usage charge for general aviation aircraft parked and operated from our Airport.  Eligibility criteria and a movement threshold apply. 

To apply for the annual usage charge, please complete the General Aviation Annual Usage Charge Application(PDF, 85KB) .


Car Parking

The Port Macquarie Airport Carpark is a paid parking area. Conditions of parking and the parking fees applicable are displayed at the entry to the car park.

A ‘lost ticket’ fee shall apply for any lost ticket.

Please visit the Parking Page on our website for more information, including fees.


Meeting Room Hire

We have an Airport meeting room and office space in our administration offices, adjoining the terminal building, that is available for hire for day or ½ day use.  The meeting room can comfortably seat 12 people.  Please note that aircraft noise may be disruptive from time to time.

To make a booking, please email: airport.operations@pmhc.nsw.gov.au