General Aviation


General Aviation (GA) incorporates a diverse range of activities, including:

  • pilot training
  • aircraft maintenance
  • freight and charter operations
  • emergency aero medical (patient transfer)
  • search and rescue and bushfire fighting services (both fixed wing and helicopters)
  • joy / adventure flights
  • private and recreational flying
  • skydiving

General Aviation represents approximately 90% of all aircraft activity at the Airport. Over recent years there has been increasing demand for GA facilities with significant growth in aircraft movements, almost exclusively due to pilot training activity. 

Operators of GA aircraft are charged for use of the Airport infrastructure and facilities via an aircraft weight-based (landing) fee per movement, or an annual usage fee available to local operators only.  Local operators may also pay aircraft parking or hangar lease costs.  There are 13 general aviation hangars at the Airport situated on one of two GA aprons. Of these, six hangars are Council-owned, with the remaining six privately owned on Council owned land, under a ground lease.  There is significant demand for additional sites and Council is currently investigating options for future expansion of the GA precinct. GA movements declined substantially during COVID, due to the closure of international borders and having to cease international pilot training activities at the Airport.