Airport Infrastructure


We are committed to providing infrastructure that keeps up with our region’s future growth, economic development and tourism potential.

Some of our recent projects include:

Parallel Taxiway and Pavement Refurbishment

A parallel taxiway is a driveway for aircraft that runs alongside the runway, allowing aircraft to position themselves on the runway for take-off, or exit the runway on landing, without taxiing and maneuvering on the runway itself.  The taxiway reduces the occupancy time of aircraft on a runway and, as a result, improves airport safety, serviceability, accessibility and efficiency. 


Our refurbishment project will provide a 1200m code A, parallel taxiway at Port Macquarie Airport and will also include the resurfacing of existing General Aviation taxiways and aprons. These upgrades are a priority and will be delivered together to ensure the best efficiency and service delivery for our Airport and its customers.

The project was assessed under DA2021-175 for Staged Airport Upgrades, which included approval for the stage one 1200m code A taxiway, the future full-length, code C parallel taxiway, as well as ancillary approval for future clearing of vegetation encroaching the OLS and was approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel in September 2021.  The project is partially funded by a $3.53 million Federal Government grant under the Regional Airport Program, round 1.  Construction commences mid 2022 and is expected to be completed by April 2023.

Taxiway-layout-image.jpg Taxiway layout, including temporary taxiway

The GA pavement refurbishment will include reshaping and asphalt resurfacing of TWY’s C1, C2, C3, F and apron GA02 shown in red below.  The coordination between the two projects will be determined by the major contractor, but will be managed in stages.

Closures of taxiways and aprons will be kept to a minimum and will not disrupt regular public transport (e.g. QantasLink, Rex and FlyPelican) flights operating out of the terminal.


General Aviation taxiways and aprons to be refurbished



Covered Walkway Project


Example of a similar covered walkway design

Council successfully secured funding through round two of the Regional Airport Program for construction of a 100m covered walkway leading from the Airport terminal, to bays 3 and 4 of the Regular Public Transport (RPT) apron.  The walkway is the finishing touch to the 2019 Airport terminal upgrade project, providing shelter and improving the overall passenger experience, particularly for passengers travelling on the new Bonza service.

The walkway will be designed to accommodate a future array of solar panels.  Construction is due to commence in 2022/23.


Layout of the 100m covered walkway between the terminal and RPT apron bay 3 and 4

Terminal Upgrade


Port Macquarie Airport terminal upgrade project was completed in December 2019.  The $10 million upgrade, jointly funded by Federal, State and Council, doubled the size of the previous terminal building facility and provides improved services and functionality.  The project outcomes included:

  • an expanded passenger check-in area;
  • expanded, air-conditioned departures and arrivals areas, providing enhanced passenger and visitor facilities;
  • expanded passenger, carry-on and checked baggage security screening areas, and new passenger screening equipment;
  • expanded and improved baggage claim area and facilities;
  • upgraded utilities and services infrastructure, including 100kW rooftop solar PV system installed as the final stage in June 2021;
  • updated communications and IT facilities and free public Wi-Fi.

The project was delivered ahead of schedule, within 4% of budget, which included additional scope outcomes, and exceeded quality expectations delivering an exceptional outcome for our community.

The new terminal building is central to rebranding the Airport as a contemporary, convenient and comfortable facility, which still provides that renowned personalised, regional service, consistent with the Greater Port Macquarie tourism brand.  


Runway Upgrade


Council completed a $21 million airside infrastructure upgrade at Port Macquarie Airport to underpin our region’s future growth, economic development and tourism potential.

The upgrade marks a significant milestone for the Airport and our local community, with the upgraded runway now providing the capability for up to 180-seat B737 / A320 aircraft for the first time in the Airport’s 60 year history.

The project was supported by $15 million in funding assistance from the Australian Government.

The upgrade represents the 1st  stage of the implementation of the Airport Master Plan, and involved the upgrade of the airside facilities (runway, taxiway and RPT apron), including:

  • strengthening, extending (by 110m to south) and widening the existing main runway 03/21 to 1800 metres long x 45 metres wide;
  • expansion of the existing regular public transport (RPT) apron (located in front of the terminal building) to provide additional parking positions for larger aircraft, including a new taxiway connection to the main runway;
  • relocation of the helicopter landing and parking area, and general aviation (GA) aircraft parking area; and
  • provision of associated infrastructure / facilities (eg runway, taxiway and apron lighting, other visual aids, drainage, line marking etc


Solar project


Port Macquarie-Hastings Council installed a 100 KWatt rooftop PV solar system on Port Macquarie Airport in June 2021.  The 100kWatt peak system supplies around 450 to 500 kWh of power per day, which is approximately 40 per cent of the terminal's electricity usage. 

In-line with Council’s long term energy strategy, the project was originally conceived as part of the Airport terminal upgrade project, which provided the electrical and structural provisions for future solar panels on the terminal roof.  Funding for the project was provided by the Federal Government in 2020/21, as a COVID recovery initiative under the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program.